Living may have been simpler in the medieval days but times were just as tough. One not only had to contend with bad food and worse sanitation but also with monsters that rampaged across the countryside. It is just such a monster that has destroyed the town of Ogenstadt’s harvest crop. Worse yet, it seems to have absconded with the harvest tribute to the king. This has put the town’s mayor and the king’s collection man in rather a delicate position. The king expects his due and is not a forgiving sort. The pair come to the conclusion that they are going to have to lie to live. However, a sudden chance encounter with the monster reveals the truth of what is going on. They then realize that the lie is going to have to be a real whopper. That is if they care to continue breathing.

The king, suspicious of their tale, decides that proof is needed. The monster is to be captured. He dispatches his two best knights to the task and the small group depart on their new quest. When the truth is revealed to the knights, the four monster hunters suddenly realize their collective heads are now in danger of separation from their necks. A plan is hatched which quickly grows into a conspiracy. It is this conspiracy which will pit their wits against the will of a greedy king and the appetite of an insatiable monster. Strangely enough, their actions could affect the fate of the entire kingdom. Even stranger still, is the unlikely ally that will come to their aid.

Medieval madness and mayhem ensue!  Will the conspirators succeed in keeping their heads?  Will the monster be captured?  What actually did happen to the king’s tribute? Who is this unlikely ally?  These questions and many more are answered in this new story of Porkus madness, The Pig Who Would Be King.


The Pig Who Would Be King is a graphic tale and quite suitable for children of all ages. It is the third in the series known as The Tails of the Porkus.  It is available at Amazon in paperback edition and Kindle versions.


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