Once again, truck driver Joe has encountered one of those pesky flying pigs and with the usual results. Frustrated and needing to talk to someone who might understand, he visits Kolonel Krittenden, a world famous kryptozoologist. But instead of calming reassurance, Joe gets a dose of fast talk and finds himself in the employ of the Kolonel. Together they plan and then set out to capture a specimen of Porkus aerealis, the flying pig. But things are never as easy as they would seem. After all, getting what you want may not be best thing for all concerned. Especially if your quarry is wily, hungry and can fly.

Come and join the adventure of this unlikely pair as they travel into the barren wilderness; each in search of their own particular dream, only to discover the vast difference between wanting and having.


The Krypto Kaper is a graphic tale and is suitable for children of all ages. It is the second in line of the collected works known as The Tails of the Porkus. It is available at Amazon in paperback edition and Kindle versions.


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