The Shortkut, A Tail of the Porkus is a silent graphic story about a hapless truck driver late to market with a consignment of watermelons.

If he is not on time with the load, he won’t get paid. With time running out, he takes a shortkut across the desert which leads through a series of haunted canyons. However, within that shorter distance are dangers untold and what ensues is completely unexpected. He even was warned by the melon grower who might just have his own agenda.

What haunts the dark cool canyons? Will the truck driver be able to escape and if he does will he be in time to get paid? What is the melon grower really up to? The answers to these burning questions lie within the pages of The Shortkut, A Tail of the Porkus! The Shortkut is a story suitable for all ages.



Our very first offering in the collected works known as The Tails of the Porkus is The Shortkut. It is available at Amazon in paperback edition and Kindle versions. A PDF version can be obatined at Gumroad. Cheers!


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