The Chase is On!


The Beginnings of a Plan

A page from Quest for Flight, A Tail of the Porkus.qffpage22

Quest for Flight Text Portion Begun

How so many problems start….



Quest for Flight Color Phase Completed

My obviously ambivalent feeling regarding this…



Quest for Flight Update…01-10-2016

Seems like the escape was a success! Now for a bit of a ride with in flight munchies…just two pages of color left on main story.


Quest for Flight Progress

Four more pages of Quest for Flight story to color….making progress! A bit of escape for you below…qffpage70qffpage71qffpage72

Quest for Flight Sketching Update

Quest for Flight is the fourth installation of The Tails of the Porkus series and drawing wise it is beginning to wrap up. I have five pages to go with the main story. A small sample of recent sketches.


The King Who Would Be King Sampler is Up!

A group of pages from the the third installment of Tails of the Porkus, The Pig Who Would Be King are now ready.

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Hooray and Hallelujah! The Pig Who Would Be King is Done!

Yep, the third installment of Tails of the Porkus is finished. The Pig Who Would Be King, A Tail of Medieval Hogwash is up on Amazon and available: )) for your enjoyment. Click the link.


Last page of The Pig Who Would Be King Completed!

The last page of The Pig Who Would Be King is finally finished. It took some doing as things seem to be kicking up around here in terms of comics and puppets : ) The issue itself will be done in a couple of weeks. Hooray!!


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