Merry Christmas 2015


Back in the Saddle Again…

After several months of fighting with life and its sometimes vicious demands, I have finally managed to get back into a groove of doing daily work on my comics. Quest for Flight, A Tail of the Porkus, is about 2/3 completed. After the completion of that i have a few other silly and darker tales and a few newer characters to bring to light. For now, it is good to be doing it again. Current page work from Quest for Flight sans text, page 60.



Happy Holidays!


Pencils for Quest for Flight Finally Done

The pencils for Quest for Flight are now done. Strangely enough, the last panel may have something to say about this whole business.


Last Days of Sun for the Summer

The Crimson Cur, hisself, capturing some the last rays of sun this year has to offer.


A Bit of Process

These are sculpey based heads of the main characters from my newest graphic tale, The Pig Who Would Be King. The reason for these is to try for consistency and alleviate the wondering of those really odd angles that come along now and then.  They are about four inches tall or so and started as aluminum balls to save on sculpey with each going through three to four cooking cycles dependent on features. They took an afternoon of partial attention as the cooking/cooling cycle takes about an hour.


Baltimore Comic Con 2013

We came, we saw, we plundered. Eight hundred miles and sixty five dollars in tolls later, we have returned safely. Baltimore Comic Con 2013 is now done. So many lessons learned. And so many people talked to and some new readers of Tails of the Porkus acquired. The convention was huge, simply huge. Anything pertaining to comics could be bought. I saw original art pages from comics printed in 1902, the newest toys and any possible thing pertaining to comics that could be bought was there. It was the best con I have been to in quite a while. Fortune will decide whether or not we can return to the port of Baltimore for a return engagement. That would be nice.

The redoubtable navigator, adventurer and powder monkey of The Crimson Cur.

One small benefit of being a vendor is being in the show and looking about before the hordes.

balt07Apparently a relatively rare edition huge Godzilla in lava orange!


Hulk! What else is there to say?

Definitely the coolest back patch I have ever seen.

balt04 balt03
Toss up of which of these two costumes is best I saw…..Wesley v.s. The Captain.

A small bit of Baltimore harbor where Sunday supper was held.

balt01On the return, a self portrait courtesy of passing trucker.

Connecticut Comiconn 2013

So we have returned triumphant from 2013 Comiconn comic convention. Innumerable lessons abounded that day, I can tell you. One of those would be to never insert your hand into a bag carrying sharpened pencils, with your fingers extended. I got to see and yack only briefly with a couple of friends for the day was long and taken up with shifting the four large oak casks of fresh livers with optionally free gall bladders attached. Oh, the delights of being a merchant.

batcycleBatguy’s bike sure has changed since this.


Boston Comic Convention 2013

So this our first foray into this particular type of venue. It was held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The space was huge and full of people. Apparently 18,000 passed through on the first day alone. There was, of course, tons of stuff and artwork to look at everywhere. Overload input took about 4 minutes flat. I got meet some old friends and introduce myself to some new ones. As this was our first time, there was lots to learn. And the lessons were everywhere. Many thanks to our supporting friends who came by the table to encourage us : ).

Booth table looking a little empty..need to fix that. Still more shows to do this year.


Here is something different.  The woman next to us was reading her kindle device and using a comic book as a cover. Remember when it was the other way around?



Boston harbor after the show. Beautiful cool weather, the  quintessential New England summer. Frankly, this time of year, we generally are being broiled alive. A pleasant change of pace.



The Krypto Kaper is Complete!

The Krypto Kaper, A Tail of the Porkus is now complete and ready for your enjoyment. It is available from Amazon in either paper or digital form for a variety of different reading devices. It has been a long road in it’s creation but one I think you will find worth the trip.


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