The Chase is On!


The Beginnings of a Plan

A page from Quest for Flight, A Tail of the Porkus.qffpage22

Quest for Flight Text Portion Begun

How so many problems start….



Quest for Flight Color Phase Completed

My obviously ambivalent feeling regarding this…



Quest for Flight Update…01-10-2016

Seems like the escape was a success! Now for a bit of a ride with in flight munchies…just two pages of color left on main story.


Quest for Flight Progress

Four more pages of Quest for Flight story to color….making progress! A bit of escape for you below…qffpage70qffpage71qffpage72

Merry Christmas 2015


Back in the Saddle Again…

After several months of fighting with life and its sometimes vicious demands, I have finally managed to get back into a groove of doing daily work on my comics. Quest for Flight, A Tail of the Porkus, is about 2/3 completed. After the completion of that i have a few other silly and darker tales and a few newer characters to bring to light. For now, it is good to be doing it again. Current page work from Quest for Flight sans text, page 60.



The Tongue That Wears the Coat of a Dog

For a long time I have had my doubts but now I have scientific evidence that my dog is, in fact, a deviously disguised tongue!mojothetongue

Happy Holidays!


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